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November 19 2023

Film in Hospital’s new promotion video

In honour of Children’s art day on the 19th of November, the Film in Hospital team presents you our brand new promotion video!

Special thanks to:

All participating partners, Creative Europe Media, Klinički bolnički centar rijka, Skånes Universitets-sjukhus, Vall d’Hebron, UZ Leuven and Ospedale Pediatrico Giovanni XXIII.

November 3 2023

Discover the content of Film in Hospital: Siren’s tail (ES)

Siren’s Tail (es: Cua de sirena) is a Spanish stop-motion short film with no dialogue, directed by Alba Barbé i Serra about Roque. Roque is disoriented because he was told that he was a human and that he could become a siren. He didn’t understand why it was one thing that had to become another. Also forever! One thing or the other. Black or white. Meat or fish. Boy or girl. Human or siren… Discover its trailer here and watch the film on all Film in Hospital platforms!

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Imagine all children having access to quality films. Even those who are physically unable to go to cinemas or participate in festivals. What about children who are sick and in and out hospitals or revalidation centres? We are using our platforms online to reach out to those children.

Together we create a platform dedicated to film screenings and audience engagement for children at the hospitals, revalidation centres and children recovering at home.

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