BUFF, the International Children and Young People’s Film Festival in Malmö Sweden, founded in 1984 is a non-profit organisation. The aim for the festival was, and still is, to show high-quality films for children, young people and adults. BUFF is a natural meeting place for all people working with children, young people and film. BUFF offer screenings for hospitalised children and youth via the digital platform At the moment, this project is connected with 25 hospitals in Sweden. The national project is also funded by Svenska Postkodstiftelsen and Region Skåne. Contact Film In Hospital: Julia Jarl,


A diverse range of youth films broadens the perspective of children and young people. This offers them opportunities to better determine the world they want to live in. JEF makes youth film available to exhibitors, visible and accessible to a wide and diverse audience as well during school and leisure time. Through its active role in network organizations, JEF is the youth film contact for policy makers and the (inter)national film industry. At JEF, children and young people find a place to create, experience, and critically review film together. For and by youngsters is one of the central mottos throughout the JEF organisation. Contact Film In Hospital: Loes Welkenhuysen,

Sedmi Kontinent

Throughout film education and film literacy projects, Kids Meet Art is a unique association in Croatia that consistently and for years creates and develops projects with aim to bring audio-visual art closer to children. Established in 2011 Kids Meet Art organized more than 1000 screenings of various European films with over 160.000 children (from 4 to 15 years) attending cinema within its program named “Seventh continent”. Contact Film In Hospital: Maja Ogrizovic,

Pack Màgic

Pack Màgic is a film distributor that focuses on the dissemination of films and other audiovisual resources that stimulate aesthetic sensibility, emotional education and the transmission of social and cultural values. Pack Màgic is an initiative of Drac Màgic, a cooperative that, since 1970, has been dedicated to the study and dissemination of audiovisual culture and its use in various educational, social and cultural activities. Our distributor includes children’s films aimed at children aged 2 to 12 years. Our catalogue considers the characteristics, the capacities and the sensibilities of children in this age group to stimulate their curiosity, to promote their appreciation of cinema and the enjoyment of going to the cinema from a young age. We distribute films that are committed to cultural and aesthetic diversity, that privilege contemplation and understanding over the dominant aesthetic and narrative violence, without compromising amusement, pleasure and fun. Contact: Alfred Sesma,

Il Nuovo Fantarca

Il Nuovo Fantarca is a non-profit organization in Bari (Italy) in 1999. Its aims centre around the promotion of high quality film for children and teens through media literacy studies and workshops, organization of no competitive film and doc festival. It promotes human rights and social welfare developing a nonviolent culture, social justice and active citizenship. These activities are implemented through the experimental use of arts therapies in schools, local social gathering centres, parishes, juvenile penal institutions, roma camps. We like to experiment new and different tools to let children and teens express themselves through multimedia art and develop a critic spirit, new visions for future and attention to emotion and spiritual inner world. Contact for Film in Hospital: Rosa Ferro,


Kinodvor is the cinema with 90-year-long tradition. In 2008 it was transformed into a city public institution with the vision of the cinema hub that offers a quality and diverse programme for audiences of all generations. Kinodvor is the first public institution in Slovenia to have a remit for film education written into its founding document. Kinodvor’ film educational programme is thus the first long-term, systematic and continuous film education initiative in Slovenia, available to schools and families all-year-round. A special attention is paid to various age groups of young audiences. With various sub-programmes, they are providing film education activities for children from 2 years old. Kinodvor provides access to film education also beyond the walls of its cinema hall, such as bringing quality content to children and youth in hospitals. Contact for Film in Hospital: Živa Jurančič