The platform is very user friendly and calls to action. Click on the images below to visit the online platforms from all partners.

JEF in het Ziekenhuis
JEF in het ziekenhuis – Belgium
Pack Magic
Pack Magic – Spain
Film u bolnici
Film u bolnici – Croatia
Cinema in ospedale
Cinema in ospedale – Italy
Film v bolnici
Film v bolnici – Slovenia
Buffilusk – Sweden




A diverse programme group with experts on films for children and youth with representatives from the 6 partners make sure the content contains diverse (in genre, themes,…) high-quality and exclusive festival films from different European countries.

For an english pdf-version of our 2023 catalogue, click here.

Notes on the catalogue:

  • – Not all films are available on every platform, especially the feature films due to multi-national difficulties in the filmagreements.
  • – Not all films are available during the whole period. Some are/were for a shorter period of time.