Fun stuff!

Are you curious on what is going on at the platforms?

The Film in Hospital project has activities in Croatia, Belgium, Sweden, Italy, Spain and Slovenia! Here you can get to know more about that!




In Sweden the Buffilusk is in charge of the site. Buffilusk answer comments and encourage to activites related to the themes of the films. This is what the Buffilusk look like:

Also the staff at the hospital got to try to make an animation film:


Optical toys workshop in hospitals

Entertainment and education during the optical toys workshop after joined screening with croatian animators.

Croatian Filmprofessionals supporting

Hospitals are not boring thanks to project Joined screening with guests, film critic and directors,  were refreshing for patients, hospital stuff and parents.

Famous Croatian actors supporting project

Croatian hospitals have had a lot of famous visitors coming to show their films and to answer the audience questions.


In Belgium there has also been a lot of activities and creative workshops in connection to the films and their themes. The Universitary Hospital of Antwerp organized their own small film festival together with organisation Kleine Tijger. They even had their own filmawards!

During the JEF festival in 2023 we handed out cardboard VR-goggles for the VR-wonderwater app!


In Italy, children started using the platform by watching films and playing with extra materials!


In Spain, Pack Màgic has just presented the project during the Sitges Festival. More and more hospitals are joining the new platform. And, as you can see in the video, the feedback from children and health staff is very positive!