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April 25, 2023

Film in Hospital at the culture for health conference in Slovenia

Film in Hospital spreads the word! The CultureForHealth Report was presented at the Arts & Culture for Health & Health for the Art & Culture Conference on April 20 in Ljubljana; Slovenia.

The main focus of the conference was double: Firstly as a celebration of the 20th anniversary of the formalisation of Asociacija (a national network advocating for independent arts and culture) and secondly to underscore the effects culture and the arts have on health and well-being. The conference built on the findings of the CultureForHealth report with recommendations for policy-making. The program featured presentations of inspiring national and international projects and initiatives that demonstrated in practice the positive effects that culture and the arts have on health and well-being.

Our Slovenian partner, Kinodvor, gave a wonderful presentation about Film in Hospital!

March 27, 2023

Message in a bottle for Film in Hospital

The Film in Hospital team is working on some exciting new applications for our platforms! The Spanish partner – Drac Magic is developing an innovative and fun way of commenting on films on their platform, to enhance the community feeling of all children watching films and encouraging them to give their opinion: a message in a bottle! 

Discover the application soon on their platform.

February 28, 2023

New exclusive European festival short films available on all platforms

February means festival-time for the Belgian Film in Hospital partner; JEF! We bring this festival feeling to all platforms of all partners. Our 10 selected short films in competitions are to be watched a whole year long in all participating hospitals and revalidation centers. And moreover, Belgian viewers become jury members. They vote for their favorite short film and hand out the JEF in the hospital award.
This year, the winning short film is…. Louis I, king of the sheep by Markus Wulf (Germany).
Congrats Markus! Go watch the short film on one of our platforms.

January 26, 2023

Virtual Reality and other fun extra educational materials for Film in Hospital!

All Film in Hospital partners are working hard to provide extra fun and educational materials to accompany the films on their online platforms.
JEF has made a gift bag for all children in hospitals with some colourful extra’s to strengthen the engagement with the Belgian platform. Since the JEF festival is coming, children in hospitals become jurymember for the JEF in the hospital award! A cool personalizable lanyard and voting form highlights their presence. This goes accompanied with some stickers, an ‘how to personalize your giftbag’ and ‘information’-card and brand-new Cardboard VR-goggles to play the renewed VR wonderwater app!

November 21, 2022

Film in Hospital outside Europe!

Film in Hospital wants to increase the knowledge about its project in the EU and beyond. In that way, we augment the sensibility of the AV community and the general public on the topic of inclusion of young audiences in vulnerable conditions.
In September, JEF participated with the Adana cinema heritage project in Turkey. At this closing conference of the project, they had the opportunity to present the hospital project as a good practice on cinema culture. Iris Verhoeven presented the project twice, once on the international expert networking day and once on the regional conference on common cultural heritage.

In November, at the Kineko International Film Festival in Tokyo (Japan) Iris Verhoeven, director of JEF, had the chance to exchange experiences on the hospital project in Europe. She had a meeting with MD Mureo Kasahara, executive director, and Rui Kondo, Public relations, from the National Center for Child Health and Development, a children’s hospital in Tokyo.
The Belgian embassy was also present and we had a short meeting with Elisa Castaldo, minister-counsellor, deputy head of mission and Maki Nakamatsu, her assistant. In the festival brochure the project was mentioned and the director of the festival, Mitsuo Tahira is very excited to learn more about our European experiences.

November 16, 2022

Presentation of Film In Hospital at the AniFest Rozafa

On 15th November we presented the project Film In Hospital at the AniFest Rozafa, the international film festival for children and young people in Shkodra, Albania with Rosa Ferro, the coordinator of the italian platform

October 4, 2022

CineO’, the first Cinema in Ospedale Festival

CineO’ is coming, the first Cinema in Ospedale Festival as part of the European project Film in Hospital.

It’s a special project that builds a bridge between school and hospital in collaboration with Scuola in Ospedale – Regione Puglia, the network In.Con.Tra.Re., Giovanni XXIII hospital and Policlinico di Bari, Bambino Gesù children’s hospital of Rome, the “Bimbo Tu” association of Bologna, the Ministry of Culture of Italy, the Villa d’Este and Villa Adriana Institute.

From 12 to 14 October 2022 in Italy.

Discover more on:

September 30, 2022

Kick-off with all six Film in Hospital partners in Barcelona, Spain

From 6 until 9 september 2022, all six Film in Hospital partners met each other again in Barcelona (Spain) for three days filled with brainstorms, film proposals, discussions on research and much more to prepare the next two years of Film in Hospital! Our meetings took place in the beautiful building of Centre Cívic Convent de Sant Agustí where everybody had the pleasure of meeting the team of Pack Màgic, our Spanish partner.


July 6, 2022

Press conference of Film In Hospital in Bari, Italy

On 5th July we presented the Italian platform of Film In Hospital at the press conference at the Palazzo della Regione Puglia (Bari, Italy). Rosa Ferro, the state coordinator of the platform, was accompagnied by Ludovico Abbaticchio, Guarantor of children’s rights of the Puglia Region, Rosa Barone, Councilor of Welfare of the Puglia Region, Grazia Di Bari, Councilor of Culture of the Puglia Region, Andrea Coluccia, head of the Creative Europe Desk Italy MEDIA – Bari, Maria Iaia, director of the Monte San Michele Didatic Circle – referent of School in Hospital and Giuseppina Caggiano, Associate Professor of Hygiene at the University of Bari and Director of the II level University Master School in Hospital.