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February 20 2021

Film boxes in Belgian hospitals and revalidation centres

Within the Film in Hospital project, JEF has created interactive film cubes for children and youngsters who are staying in Belgian hospitals. These beautifully illustrated cubes contain QR-codes that lead participants to an online mediaplatform. This platform contains (short) movies and games to entertain children during their hospitalization. In this way, young people creatively encounter new apps, games and film techniques. The cubes are given for free to any interested Belgian hospital. 

Check this promotion video to discover the film cube and the way it works; very simple though attractive for children of any age.


December 15 2020

Presentation of our new partners

Our new partners will bring added value to our project transferring their knowledge and sharing network for distribution activities, for connecting to VOD platforms, for creation of extra material and working with children in those special conditions.

Pack Magic is an initiative of Drac Màgic, a cooperative in Barcelona that, since 1970, has been dedicated to the study and dissemination of audiovisual culture and its use in various educational, social and cultural activities. They have experience with VOD platforms, in fact are part of the platform of the Public Libraries Network of Catalonia and Basque Country where they offer films to their members and they work together with Filmin, the most important independent commercial VOD platform in Spain. There they have their own channel (with a plan to include the Films in Hospitals’ contents to their Filmin’s channel) and already worked with several associations of sick children and with the health Department of the Catalan regional Government. 

Coop. Soc. Il Nuovo Fantarca onlus arl was founded in Bari (Italy) in 1999.  Its aims center around promoting human rights and social welfare, developing a nonviolent culture, and promoting a culture of legality, social justice, collective memory and self-empowerment. These activities are implemented through the experimental use of video art therapies and films by setting up every year the International Festivals of Cinema (feature films and docs) for and with Children and Teens, and through different activities of media literacy. It works in schools, local social gathering centers, parishes, juvenile justice centers and juvenile penal institutions, roma camps, refugees’ camps. Their experience in working with children in difficult contexts, such as youth prisons/institutions is very valuable and gives a context to investigate further the project to a new audience with limited mobility.

Kinodvor is the cinema with 90-year-long tradition in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, and was in 2008 transformed into a city public institution. At that point, Kinobalon film education programme was founded. Kinodvor is committed to screening quality and more demanding film production and providing film education. Annually, 40.000 of visitors attend three different programmes for young audiences: school programme, family programme and teen programme. Kinodvor regularly organises international conferences and is an active member of Europa Cinemas network and European Children Film Association. Kinodvor received two prestigious Europa Cinemas Awards: Best Young Audience Activities Award (2010) and Best Programming Award (2019). Kinodvor has collaborated with the city main hospital at the University Medical Centre Ljubljana and its pediatric department since 2013, which will give us a new insight into the project from the point of view of an exhibitor.

December 3 2020

We did it again! Thanks to MEDIA funds our film platforms for children in hospitals will now be available in 6 EU countries!


Our mission to give ill children in hospitals and revalidation centers access to festival and quality films and exclusive European children’s films online, continues thanks to MEDIA funding in 2021.

Our 3 organisations joined forces with 3 new partners from Il Nuovo Fantarca, Packmagic and Kinodvor and increased significantly covered EU territories: Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Croatia, Belgium and Sweden.

Our goal is to offer, working closely with festivals and distributors, European AV works on digital platforms in 6 countries and its respective languages through a network of nearly 200 hospitals by following step by step plan and using a mentoring system within team organisation.

Please stay tuned for some exciting news!

June 6 2019

Brainstorm in Zagreb, Croatia

Representants from BUFF Film festival and JEF visited Sedmi Kontinent in Zagreb during Animafest to brainstorm about the future for Film In Hospital project. During the visit Sedmi Kontinent staff arranged a visit to one of their hospital screenings


December 19 2018

What is Film In Hospital?

July 23 2018

Brainstorm in Belgium

Representants from Sedmi Kontinent and BUFF Filmfestival are visiting JEF’s office in Antwerp to brainstorm about the future for Film In Hospital project.